Walkable Swimmable Girls Mermaid Tail

Walkable Swimmable Girls Mermaid Tail
Walkable Swimmable Girls Mermaid Tail
Walkable Swimmable Girls Mermaid Tail
Walkable Swimmable Girls Mermaid Tail
Walkable Swimmable Girls Mermaid Tail

This listing is for one fish scale custom made walkable swimmable tail no monofin needed. Please let me know what color fish scale pattern you want in the notes and want style.

Bigger kids do better with flair so add it in the listing price $8 more will be added to the price. Mermaid material composite is 80% nylon and 20% spandex with 4 way stretch, salt and chlorine resistant. Your tail will sparkle in the sunlight but will fade with use. There will be some wear and tear if rubbed against harsh surfaces and the foil scale print can come off.

Comes made with quality thread and elastic waistband for better fit. Mermaid tails are made to order and i can custom make infant to adult sizes. Can take up to 3 weeks from start to finish during high season so let us know if you have an event and will try and rush your order time for you.

If you have a specific material you want, let me know. If not busy within 3 days. This listing is only for tail please see my other listings for my swim tops, bottoms etc.

How to pick your mermaid tail size:the most important measurement is your length, waist, largest part around bum/hips. The sizes below or just a guide for measurements since you must send me your specific measurements to custom make your tail. If you don't respond within 2 weeks, we will make your tail based on the standard size you ordered. Smaller toddler without fin or larger youth/adult sizes made to order mermaid tails are made with a little room to grow, which allows more use of your tail. Please remember the foil scales and patterns on this material are very thin and will get damaged and wear off due to rubbing, sitting, standing, kneeling, or being rubbed on rough surfaces. I don't like the material for this reason but my daughter and all her friends really don't care if they fade or get worn. A child should have at least one if not two years of swimming experience and be confident enough to swim to edge or step if feel they are in danger. I recommend practicing using the monofin alone until the dolphin/mermaid kick is perfected and child feels safe using the tail and monofin together. When using tail, beware of your surroundings and keep safe distance from others to avoid accidents. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts which pose a chocking hazard. Do not use where water is too deep for ability.

This product is for pool use only. All users of this product assume risks associated from its use.

Whether proximate or remote, there may be risk of injury. Do not stand or hop in tails/fin outside of water to prevent falls. First try fin on and adjust straps to fit tightly. Take fin off and place close by. Place feet into tail like a sock, leaving scrunched down around ankles. Bring fin inside fin opening, place feet inside fin, adjust straps if necessary then hold each fin tip and slip over fin edge.

Pull tail up to waist by standing in pool steps. You are now ready to take off. Be sure not to bend your fin in half, stand on edges of it, try to hold onto edge when tired or sit on bum rather than constantly standing on your fin feet. You will find common areas around knees, bum, ankles, bottom of feet and around fin edges that will get worn more quickly and colors will fade or disappear.

How to take care of your mermaid tail and monofin:1. Do not leave tail or monofin in heat or in the direct sun for prolonged periods of time, air dry in shade outside.

Do not use iron, chemicals, bleach, washer/dryer machines to clean tail and fin, only hand wash in cold water. Do not stand on your tail in the water on bottom of pool or on the ground. Do not stand up or hop in your mermaid tail out of the water.

You could easily fall, fade, rip or tear material. Try to not scrape your tail against anything sharp or rough like rock waterfall, pool sides, pool deck etc. Please ask any questions before ordering.

Send us your pictures of your mermaid dreams coming true. I want all of our mermaids to be love their tails. I have tested the swimmable fabrics which do hold up in chlorine and salt water however, when these fabrics are walked in, sat on, kneeled on, or rubbed, snagged or scratched on the rough surface of a pool/hot tub, decking or rocks, this will damage the fibers and will cause pilling and slight fading. This is normal wear and tear just like with your swim suit and therefore cannot be covered under my satisfaction guarantee. What if my tail/item has a defectif your tail or swim item has a defect i want to repair or replace the tail right away i know my daughter would so sad if she received her tail only to have to return it for another one.

Please return the tail within 30 days of receipt. I will inspect the tail to determine the cause of the defect and will repair or replace the tail if a defect in workmanship occurred. Please note i cannot replace the tail if the problem is normal wear and tear as stated above.

I will do what i can to make sure your little mermaid is a happy one please ask any questions before hand, check what your ordered in your cart, read about fin sizes and tail measurements, and all above info. Then i will send a new tail as quickly as possible.

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