Elastic Free Bathing Suit- Girls 2T-4T

Elastic Free Bathing Suit- Girls 2T-4T
For skin conditions like psoriasis that suffer from exposure to elastic, latex, elastane etc, using cotton knits is a great alternativethis unique custom bathing suit will be designed to your child's favorite color and size. It features a gentle stretch for the leg holes, lining in the groin area, and a matching tie/halter-neck. With reinforced stitching, this bathing suit will hold up to a summer of swimming and running through sprinklers. It looks like a traditional bathing suit, so little girls wont feel left out when they see their friends wearing cute spandex one-pieces.

My daughter hana has psoriasis, and we have discovered that dr. Madalene heng's research into the aggravating factors of the condition have really helped her improve.

I have removed those aggravating conditions from her wardrobe by sewing her socks, altering underwear and shorts, and sewing this bathing suit. I created this piece when my four year old was sad she had to wear board shorts and a swim shirt because of her sensitivity to the preservatives in elastic/elastane/spandex and latex.

I researched bathing suits from a time that pre-dates elastic (before 1950) and learned about the best fabrics and styles. I then created a pattern based on hana's dimensions. The cotton knit fabric is completely elastic free, elastane free, spandex free and latex free. I used stockinette fabric to sew lining into the groin area for comfort and coverage.

The halter top style seemed to be the the best solution for a bathing suit that will last while she grows. Hana is so happy with her swim suit and swims confidently without fear of it falling off or dragging her down. Custom options and other offerswill work with any cotton knit that is durable with some stretch.

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